I am a General Contractor

Value Proposition: 

How TileWare Values General Contractors

  • Accessory and anchoring kits that will never loosen or pull away from wall tile surfaces. This single point justifies our retail value!
  • Anchoring technology that will not penetrate into the interior wall cavity creating places for water intrusion and mold growth.
  • Contractors will never repair or replace an accessory in tile surfaces again!
  • Significantly reduces accessory installation, 70% less labor than penetrating anchors.
  • Completely protects tile waterproofing investment and manufacturer “Shower System Warranties”.
  • Provides near zero long-term repair and maintenance.
  • Eliminates accessory rework and punch lists.
  • Stops the need for drilling after the tile is installed… no mess, no broken tiles, no unaccountable schedules.
  • Totally mitigates risk by eliminating blind drilling into wall cavities.
  • Prevents drilling hazards (electrical and plumbing) and subsequent losses.
  • Eliminates 3rd party drilling, now part of tile installation.
  • Eliminates blocking or the need to locate blocking.
  • Works with traditional tile showers, steam showers or integrated wet-rooms.
  • Provides consumer convenience, safety and workability for a lifetime.
  • Residential style accessories that lean towards minimalism and simplistic beauty.
  • TileWare provides a limited lifetime warranty on all residential installations. Lifetime on anchors and 5 years on plated finishes.