Mission & Values


OUR MISSION – To provide the strongest and most reliable anchors for accessory mounting in tile showers (and other tile structures), while maintaining the integrity of waterproof shower systems. Our passion is to produce excellent products that genuinely improve individual lives and environments. Our core values consist of aligning our attitudes and behaviors with integrity and genuine customer service. Our hope is to provide products and services that truly bring HONOR, PRAISE and GLORY to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for allowing us to serve your lives, homes and business environments.

OUR PROMISE – To manufacture accessories that never loosen or pull away from tile surfaces but instead stay firmly mounted... day after day, year after year and decade after decade.

OUR DESIGNS & PERFORMANCE – We offer clean and striking residential style accessories along with accessibility (ADA) products. All of our models lean towards minimalism and simplistic beauty with an emphasis on strength and reliability. Our design persona can be characterized as "the strong silent type". We're here to complete your tile shower ensemble plus perform for a lifetime. As you page through our website you will notice lighter scaled components, minimal wall terminations, as well as dimensionally smaller decorative covers and escutcheons. These design details are intentional and make us different from every other accessory manufactures. TileWare is the principle resource for accessories mounted onto tile surfaces while maintaining waterproofing integrity. These capabilities are attributed to our patented PermaTile™ rough-in anchoring technology. Our method combines substrates, thinset and tile with an extraordinarily strong anchor to create a unitized wall structure. Our vision is to change the interactive performance of accessories mounted onto tile surfaces. By blending all these mechanical properties, TileWare transfers weighted load across both the tile and the wall structure using thinset as the catalyzing agent. This is superior to traditional accessory mounting using wall anchors that have individual drill points to either wood blocking (wood fiber) or into wall cavities using hollow wall anchors or mollies. Both methods are inferior to TileWare's technology because these other methods pull away from the wall while also violating waterproofing systems and thier manufacturing warranties. Though our design features are characteristically smaller in scale, we never sacrifice strength or performance. PermaTile™ anchors work like rebar in cement which basically combines our perforated stainless steel metal with thinset adhesive (the principal adhesive used when installing floor and wall tiles). We manufacture these anchors by welding a solid stainless steel turning (with internal threads) to a perforated stainless steel sheet metal base... we call them "rough-in anchors." When bedded behind the tile in thinset, these anchors provide a durable anchoring locations that will stay permanently mounted for a lifetime. Also, with PermaTile™ there is no need for locating wood blocking or studs in newly tiled showers. This is because when you integrate our anchoring technology you can see exactly where the attachment point is located, thereby eliminating the typical guesswork. Although wood screws are the traditional method employed by accessory manufacturers globally, they have many vulnerabilities. First, wood screws are typically made of plated carbon steel, which is a metal that rusts in wet environments. Second, when attaching accessories through tile into wood fiber (like wood blocking or vertical wood studs) simple interactions like touching or cleaning an accessory every day can begin to stretch wood fiber and pull the wood screw from its original anchoring position, which causes the accessory to loosen and pull away from the wall. In contrast, TileWare's quality anchors are fitted with stainless steel machine screws as opposed to wood screws that rust. Each machine screw is also coated with non-reversing thread locker to ensure it doesn't rotate out of its tighten position. As an example, our smallest PermaTile™ anchor for our soap baskets was tested to hold 1175 lbs before tearing the weld from the metal assembly. You might ask, "why is it necessary to be so strong... it is just a 16oz container and a bar of soap?" Our answer isn't just about holding weight alone; it's also about how individual users can interact with our accessories for a lifetime, having the confidence they will never hang, loosen, pull away or rust. Our performance goal is to engineer accessories that will stay securely mounted to wall tile surfaces, even if the accessory is touched, cleaned, bumped into, leaned on repeatedly, day after day for decades. This is why we say... BUY US ONCE FOR LIFE.

OUR COST SAVINGS – At retail we provide anchoring solutions with the lowest total delivered cost (including material and labor) and lowest lifetime costs.