Mission & Values

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OUR MISSION – To manufacture the most reliable and durable “Thinset Anchoring Technology” for tile structures. We direct our products and passions toward improving individual lives and environments. We choose behaviors and attitudes that are centered on integrity with genuine customer service. We endeavor to do everything to the PRAISE and GLORY of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you in advance for using our products!


OUR COST SAVINGS – Lowest total delivered cost (including material and labor) and lowest lifetime costs (as compared to: plated, stainless steel or brass accessory goods).

OUR PROMISE – To provide anchoring solutions that never loosen but instead, stay firmly mounted... day after day, year after year and decade after decade.

OUR DESIGNS – The clean yet striking designs of our residential style and accessibility accessories lean towards minimalism and simplistic beauty.  They are smaller in scale, allowing for maximum use of the space, yet they have unprecedented strength.