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How TileWare Values Homeowners & Property Owners

Each TileWare accessory is assembled as a "Complete Kit", which contains a high-quality plated metal accessory, manufactured from either stainless steel or solid brass, coupled with, a solid stainless steel PermaTile™ Anchor that mounts behind the tile in thinset adhesive. The kit also contains other decorative trim components and screws required for installation.

On each landing page we provide a precise picture of the entire kit. We call this to your attention because TileWare is the only brand that combines a waterproof tile anchor with each accessory kit. We classify our products as a middle market price point, important to know, our anchors in each kit represent between 33-42% of the kitted accessory cost at retail. So, when comparing TileWare with other brands, please remember that our retail price includes a superior tile anchoring technology that is waterproof, strong and offers (exclusive) minimal design features.

Tile showers are very important consumer utilities. Homeowners love tile because it can transform any space into a personal spa-like environment. Additionally, tile surfaces offer an ease-of-use feature, making them practical, easy to clean utilities that will generally perform for decades. However, if homeowners want other accessories like; shower doors, grab bars, shelving, hooks, towel bars, and seating they would need to go outside the tile industry and purchase plumbing products. The problem with plumbing accessories is they mount with screws and anchors that penetrate the interior wall cavity, and are notorious failures which void waterproofing warranties.

Today's homeowners want a shower space that is personal and beautiful, but more importantly one that addresses all the nuances of lifestyle and waterproofing together. This is why you buy TileWare Products, to help protect your total tile shower investment. We have assembled a list of features/benefits so you can make an educated decision:

  • Accessory and anchoring kits that will never loosen or pull away from wall tile surfaces. This single point justifies our retail value!
  • All products will not rust, are hygienic and will clean and disinfect easily.
  • Anchoring technology that will not penetrate into the interior wall cavity creating places for water intrusion and mold growth.
  • Allows homeowners to constantly interact with their shower accessory.
  • Accessory kits that are interchangeable.
  • Protects “Shower System Warranties”.
  • Eliminates waterproofing compromises associated with drilling completed tile showers.
  • Anchoring technology that was designed to work with tile timing, substrates and adhesives... characteristically like rebar in cement.
  • Provides an efficient installation method that significantly reduces labor costs.
  • Provides homeowners and property managers with near zero long-term repair and maintenance.
  • Ensures that contractors will never experience accidental drilling failures, like hitting pipes and/or electrical.
  • Tile specific anchoring technology that is strong, efficient and reliable, performing for decades.
  • PermaTile™ Anchors hold 1,175lbs, while maintaining waterproofing integrity.
  • Lifestyle accessories with minimal design features.
  • Anchors so unique, we were able to reduce the size and scale of decorative covers and wall escutcheons.
  • Incredibly strong ADA compliant grab bars that don't look impersonal or unattractive. Used optionally also as a towel bar because of their minimal scale.
  • TileWare provides a limited lifetime warranty on all residential installations. Lifetime on anchors and 5 years on plated finishes.